Our Mission

Mission:Bridging Cultures, Generations, & Communities” 

Vision: India Festival USA is a proud believer in the power of unity.  Since inception in 2010, we have strived to reach out to the diverse population in NE Ohio, and promote diversity, inclusivity and integrity.  Celebrate diversity through one-day of togetherness. Display the rich culture and diversity of two of the greatest nations on earth – India and USA. India Festival USA promises an immersive environment that salutes history, embraces globalization and celebrates communities.

Philanthropy: A scholarship fund instituted for a college bound student in the Cuyahoga County- to be awarded in the field of art and music.

Leadership: A pioneer in the establishment of an annual celebration of diversity; a one of  kind event in NE Ohio that recognizes talent from all communities, generations and cultures.

Diversity & Inclusion: Partnership with Julio de Burgos Cultural Art Center – Promoting Latino Heritage & Expression (juliadeburgos.org); The PAST Project – Prevailing And Surviving Together (thepastproject.org) ; Student led events Naach di Cleveland – Case Western Reserve University.

Arts and Culture: Collaboration with Team of “Love in America”; Vivartaa by Shri Kalaa Mandir Center, Case Western Reserver University Kismat, Spartan Bhangra (spartanbhangra.org) & Dhamakapella South Asian A cappella fusion Team.

Statistics: 100,000+ attendance since 2010, over 250+ vendors, $25k+ contributed to various causes related Diversity & Inclusion.  Recognition from Ohio Governor, Senators, mayors from cuyahoga county & surrounding communities.

India Festival USA is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization register in State of Ohio.