Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the objective of India Festival USA Event?
The answer lies in the tagline itself – “Bridging cultures, generations and communities”. North-east Ohio has been home to Asian Indians for decades retaining their unique cultural identity while assimilating in the salad bowl of America. Within the Indian community, the various sub-cultures celebrate the diversity that is called India. The next-generation Americans of Indian descent are the brand ambassadors of this unique cultural mix. The annual North-East Ohio INDIA Festival USA aims to act as the bridge between these cultures, communities and generations. This year’s theme is “Our Children Our Future”. Come and be a part of this historic event and enjoy the multi-faceted splendors of communities in this one-day event of togetherness.

How do I take part in the “You’ve Got Talent” competition?
This is a unique theme of each year’s festival where both the participants and the audience can show their talents. If you feel you’ve got the talent to impress the audience through singing, instrumentals, dance or any other performing arts, you can enter the competition. If you are part of the audience, you can take part in the People’s Choice voting process.

Is there an entry fee for the Festival?
Entry to Exhibition and Evening Award Ceremony is FREE. Also parking is FREE. There is no entry fee to get inside the Taste of India Food Fest where you can purchase food and beverage. The You’ve Got Talent Finals in the auditorium requires an entry fee per person. Children under 2 years would not require any ticket and will not be assigned any separate seat.

My performance is slightly longer than the stipulated 5 minutes. Is it Ok, please?
Unfortunately, we have to enforce this rule strictly. So the performance will be stopped at exactly 5 minutes. No exceptions.

What is the difference between Exhibitors, Advertisers and Sponsors?
Exhibitors take up booth space in the exhibition area to reach out to the visitors with their product and/or services. Advertisers will be promoted through our electronic media channels. Sponsors derive the maximum exposure. Depending on the sponsorship level, they would get a combination of booth space, advertisement, link on our website, advance promotion through our newsletter, stage time etc. If you want better visibility for your brand, you should consider becoming a sponsor. Please contact us for a sponsorship package.