‘Speaking Differently Together’ is sponsored as a partnership activity between IndiaFest USA and Start Strong USA to promote Diversity and Inclusion initiatives within Northeast Ohio.

About Start Strong USA

Start Strong is a Speaking and Leadership Institute with a mission to develop transferable skills and positive behaviors that help maximize individual potential and influence across diverse areas of knowledge. With special focus on youth, Start Strong takes a purpose-driven, holistic approach to promote learning through active participation that results in heightened understanding of the self, and awareness of the ever-evolving world that surrounds us.

Speaking Differently Together is an online essay contest designed to invite youth to join the Diversity & Inclusion through free expression of their vision for the future. Our belief is that this initiative will equip them for a world that is unique in its diversity and universal in its commonality – a world that is waiting to unfurl to its potential.

Hashtag: #SpeakingDifferentlyTogether

GoFundMe link: Link to GoFundMe Page

Registrations for the event has been closed now. Winners will be announced on Sep 19, 2020 (at the Evening Show at the 2020 IndiaFest USA in Cleveland).